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B.R.G. Interior Design
23 Reviews・23 Projects
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由BRG負責我們的家居裝修,我們感到很幸運; 當我們看到完工後的效果,更讓我們肯定第一次與他們溝通後,因印象甚佳的緣故而沒有邀請其他設計公司報價的決定是正確的。借用公司的英文名字作為我們對公司的感覺:BRG- A ‘B’rilliant team with ‘R’emarkable ideas and ‘G’ood communication。 BRG有很好的團隊,在不同範疇都有專業同工負責,而且彼此配搭甚佳。設計師Raphael耐心分享設計的概念,令門外漢的我們對設計增添了不少認識。他亦按我們的預算,以勝價比高的原則,為我們介紹價錢合理及有質素的裝修材料。作監工的富哥,用心跟進工程、細心、盡責、不計較、事事以客為先,讓我們得到專業及優質的服務,而且很多問題均能提供解決方案。除他們之外,我們知道背後有些同事也在默默工作,作適時的支援。 在疫情下保持工程進度殊不容易,因傢俬及材料運輸深受影響,BRG花更多心思跟進和額外付出,盡量令進度不受影響,最終裝修效果比我們預期更好,他們還提供很好的跟進服務。 我們感到喜出望外的是掛畫問題,原本我們覺得結婚相片可能與家居設計不配合,但Raphael提出掛畫的設計概念,令我們既可擺放原先所有的掛畫,更讓整個設計錦上添花。 若我們的友好家居需要設計和裝修,我們會毫不保留地推薦B.R.G。
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in Him’s Interior Design
23 Projects
HKD$300,000 Designpedia Guarantee
Refundable Deposits
Extended Warranty
in Him’s interior design was established in March 2010. We are a service oriented company offering professional ideas for interior decoration. We also provide a full range of service varying from space planning, conceptual design, site supervision and coordination with project management. Our interiors showcase signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant and functional. Balance, light, space and color factor into every design, creating a timeless effect. Clean lines and simple but well-crafted furnishings, with an attention to texture and the highest quality materials are essentials to our designs. Our studio maintains a strong and experienced team. We has shaped projects of many kinds and in many contexts. Our design service can be customized to suit the circumstances and the location. We believe in the rapid output of ideas, and involving the client in a design process with real dialogue. Model-making and master sketching works hand in hand with expert 3-D development and visualization. We believe spaces should be maximized but not constrained. We are explore new possibilities but not limited by what’s in store. Come visit us and let us help you to build your dream spaces. Samuel C.H. LAM Professional member of Hong Kong Interior Design Association Member of Hong Kong Designers Association (Discipline: Interiors) Awards: 2020-2021 Architecture Masterprize - HONORABLE MENTION (Project: The Decade) 2020-2021 A&D TROPHY AWARDS/ Interior Design/ Best Residential/ Single Home/ Bronze 2020-2021 Outstanding Property Award London - HONOURABLE MENTION 2020-2021 Novum design award/Interior Design Categorty/ Silver 2020-2021 Build Design Award - HONORABLE MENTION 2020-2021 iF Design Award - FINAL ROUND 2020-2021 Build Design Award - HONORABLE MENTION (Project: The Coronation) 2020-2021 Outstanding Property Award London - WINNER 2020-2021 International Design Award - HONORABLE MENTION 2020-2021 A&D TROPHY AWARDS/ Interior Design (Professional)/Best Residential/ Housing/ Shortlist 2018-2019 China 40Under40 Interior Design (Hong Kong) 2013-2014 年度室內設計十大新銳人物 2013-2014 年度國際環藝創新設計作品大賽 華月山 2012-2013 年度十大最具創新設計機構(住宅空間類) 2012-2013 年度室內設計百強人物
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Interior Designers for home and commercial projects

Designpedia is a go-to platform that can match up interior design firms for everyone, whether you want a straightforward, uncomplicated area or a wonderfully decorated home.

Commercial Interior designers:

‍They build the structure from zero – designing both the interior and the layout. Commercial Interior designers are perfect for owners who are looking to design their commercial properties or require extensive interior works that require structural changes or built-ins.

For the smaller-fledged firms, they do focus on creating beautiful interiors in small commercial properties. If you are someone who’s particular about creating spaces, their meticulous designs will wow you.

Home Interior designers:

Interior design businesses offer a wide range of renovation services, including interior design, spatial planning, project management, and even furniture shopping. They combine their expertise in building with a flare for aesthetic design.

The common types of interior firms are:

  • The big-brand interior firms come with an army of designers, a wealth of experience, and an impressive portfolio

  • The design-centric agencies stress creating unique, inspiring spaces that you’ll probably see in a magazine

Most importantly, choose interior designers over contractors if you don’t want to hassle with the coordination of the project management side of renovation.

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